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The Sensory Ecology Lab at Boise State University addresses behavioral, evolutionary and conservation-related questions. We employ bioacoustic and videographic techniques to quantify how animals process sensory input and act on the resulting information. Understanding how anthropogenic changes to the sensory environment alter behavior and ecological interactions also drives our work. Our approach combines field research and controlled experimental design with an emphasis on natural history. We are focused on problems, not taxa (but we love our taxa!), and currently study bats, insects, owls, rodents and songbirds.​


The Sensory Ecology Lab is equipped with high-speed and high-definition cameras, ultrasonic and sonic recording units, and outstanding indoor and outdoor animal imaging facilities.  Our work is funded by NSF and NPS, among others.​​

The Sensory Ecology Lab stands with Black Lives Matter. We acknowledge the institutionalized racism that permeates our society and the academy. We strive to be allies and advocates for people of color. We recognize that Boise, Idaho, is a predominantly white community which creates a difficult environment for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color but we will continue to strive to make our lab a welcoming space.


  Bioacoustics // Behavior // Anthropogenic Effects // Natural History 

Bat-Moth Armsrace
Soundscape Ecology
Conservation Biology
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